456 is the masterpiece of the Ars Collecta collection; a cava that pays tribute to our 456 vintages. A selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Xarel·lo from our best vineyards and estates located in three different climate zones.
Handcrafted Ars Collecta Cavas

2007 Vintage

Temperatures in the Conca de Barberà were within the usual levels and there was very little rainfall. These conditions, along with the vineyard’s location, produced a Pinot Noir with a more structured mouthfeel than usual, with notes of ripe fruit. In the Penedès it was a dry year with the usual temperatures but in late July these were milder and as a consequence the Xarel.lo had a fuller taste and was more aromatic. In Segrià the temperatures were lower, especially during ripening, which slowed it down; this enabled the Chardonnay to reach its maximum expression.

Cava Ars Collecta 456


Finca El Tros Nou / Pinot Noir. Located on one of the coldest zones in the D.O. Cava, Serralada de Prades. Its “llicorella” soils yield grapes with a mineral touch. The vineyard faces north-east and the altitude; together with the moderate continental climate avoid excessive exposure to the sun creating an excellent microclimate for the Pinot to express its full richness of nuances.

Finca La Fideuera / Xarel.lo. A vineyard planted over 25 years ago located in the Bajo-Medio Penedès. The limy gravelly soils, the altitude with its sharp contrasts in temperatures and the vineyard’s south facing location bring out the Xarel.lo’s full aromatic potential of fresh fruit giving it a great deal of structure and richness.

Finca La Pleta / Chardonnay. At an altitude of 286m; south-east facing and with a very pronounced continental climate. Shallow limy clay soils with scarce organic matter give the grapes a fuller concentration of aromas and flavours as well as ideal acidity for long aging but without losing their fresh fruity notes.

Origin of the most expensive cava in the world


An offering made up of a representative from each of the three zones we normally work in: two continental and one Mediterranean zone: Chardonnay (Segrià), Pinot Noir (Conca de Barberà), Xarel.lo (Penedès). The optimum time for harvesting was determined based on the grape quality’s aging potential. The bunches were handpicked at night taking advantage of the low temperatures to avoid oxidations of the musts and macerations with the solid matter. They were delivered to the winery in 12Kg boxes at around 15ºC and were cooled once inside the winery. They were very softly pressed with a 50% yield (50l/100kg); thus collecting only the most noble part of the must which will help the future cava to maintain its vitality during its years of cellaring. Each varietal was vinified separately and the final blend was made just before bottling. The wines were moved making use of gravity and avoiding the use of mechanical systems as much as possible; they were fermented in small tanks at a regulated temperature (17ºC).

Selected DO Cavas

Sensorial Characteristics

Surprisingly pale. There are no straw tones or symptoms of oxidation; persistent bubbles forming a creamy crown that persists for a long time in the glass. Notes of aging on the nose such as brioche, bread dough and yeasts, but also of white flowers, almond and elderberry, ripe fruit and strawberries; an orchestra of sensations. Creamy on the palate due to the fine bubbles, high density due to its cellaring time, good definition, balance and vitality.

Cava 456 Gran Reserva

Food Pairing

An accompaniment for light fish or meat dishes whether spiced or not. It also pairs with barbecues and light smoked foods; puff pastries and salty pastas also make a good pairing. It can also be served with Japanese, Chinese and Peruvian cuisine.

Cava 456 Ars Collecta Gran Reserva

Technical data

  • Origin Apellation Cava (Conca Barberà, Penedès, Segrià)
  • Estate and Variety
    La Fideuera - Xarel·lo (10%)

    El Tros Nou - Pinot Noir (45%)

    La Pleta - Chardonay (45%)
  • Harvest date: End of August 2007
  • Tirage date: May 2008
  • Aging: Gran Reserva (over 90 months)
  • Dosage: Brut


  • Alcohol by volume: 12.1%
  • Total Acidity: 8.4 g/l
  • pH: 2.94
  • Residual Sugars: 12 g/l

Winemaker’s recommendations

Drink chilled (between 5º-8ºC). If necessary chill for a couple of hours in a bucket with water, salt and ice. Avoid sudden chilling in the refrigerator.

Store upright.

Optimum drinking time The cava will continue to age well in the bottle.

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