Jaume Codorníu

We commemorate the heritage of a tradition that was begun over 450 years ago by Jaume de Codorníu. Jaume Codorníu pays homage to the origins and the terroir and is dedicated to those who deeply enjoy and love cava. A limited edition Gran Reserva cava brought out in numbered bottles, its blend was crafted from a strict selection from our oldest vineyards and our choicest Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Xarel·lo grapes.

Selected grape for Cava Jaume Codorníu


The grapes used to make this cava underwent strict quality controls. Jaume was crafted solely with grapes picked from vineyards classified as exceptional. A limited edition with numbered bottles.

Segrià / Chardonnay. An exclusive vineyard located in the most continental zone of the Cava Appellation. Its extreme climate and shallow soils make for a greater concentration of flavours and aromas.

Conca de Barberà / Pinot Noir. Situated in one of the coldest zones of the Cava Appellation on the northern slopes of the Prades mountain. This microclimate is very special: cold due to its orientation but at the same time receiving mild breezes from the sea, which makes for cool temperatures throughout the entire grape growth cycle. The “llicorela” soils (the same geological origin as the Priorat terroirs) render grapes with a very characteristics mineral taste. The Pinot Noir grape typically has a long growth cycle and ripens slowly.

Penedès / Xarel·lo. A vineyard situated in the Upper Penedés, which harbours true jewels. Its deep limy and gravelly soils are ideal for the roots of the Xarel·lo vines, which reach far down and give this grape variety amazing elegance as well as good acidity, very suited to long aging whilst also favouring the concentration of aromas. Sharp temperature contrasts which promote ripening during the day and maintain acidity at night, enabling the wine to display its full aromatic potential without detriment to structure and richness.

Jaume Codorníu cava select


We began by planning the optimum harvesting time for each variety. After destemming and pressing the grapes, we obtained exclusive musts which fermented at a temperature between 15º and 17ºC. Following fermentation we proceeded to blend the resulting wines. The second fermentation took place in the bottles in our underground cellars at a constant temperature (15-17ºC), followed by a period of aging in contact with the lees of the yeasts to give it structure and aromatic complexity. For the 2012 harvest aging was for over 40 months.

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Vintage characteristics

Despite the fact that autumn and the winter that preceded the 2012 harvests were mild, for some weeks in February temperatures dropped to -10ºC. Spring was also mild. 2012 was a year with scarce rainfall and grape yields were modest, 15 to 30% down on other years. These conditions brought on early harvests at the beginning of August.

Cava Jaume Codorníu by Ars Collecta

Food matching

It is perfect served with unseasoned fish and seafood but also with poultry and even with mushrooms and some meat dishes.

Cava Gran Reserva Codorníu
Jaume Codorníu of Ars Collecta

Technical specifications

  • Appellation of origin: Cava
  • Zone and Variety:
    Segrià - Chardonnay
    Conca de Barberà - Pinot Noir
    Penedès - Xarel·lo
  • Aging: Gran Reserva
  • Vintage: 2012
  • Dosage: Brut


  • ABV: 11.5 - 12%
  • Residual sugars: 9-11 g/l

Winemaker’s recommendations

Serve chilled (5º-8ºC). If necessary, chill for a couple of hours in a bucket with water, salt and ice. Avoid sudden chilling in the freezer.

Best store upright.

Best drink within a year of purchase although it will maintain its characteristics and develop interesting aromas for one more year.

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