La Fideuera

The “paraje” La Fideuera is a small jewel hidden away in the Alt Penedès, where the Xarel·lo variety achieves all its expression, acidity and elegance. The vines are over 25 years old and are fully mature with roots that are deeply entrenched in a noble limy soil that contributes structure and richness to this great cava.

Cava from Penedès Gran Reserva

2009 Vintage

The water reserves that the vines amassed throughout the winter and spring managed to alleviate the dry hot summer that followed. The temperatures, slightly above average for the Mediterranean climate, soared during the day and were milder in the evening. As on other occasions, the vineyard rendered fruit with all its taste and aromatic potential. Full ripening came in mid August. It was an early harvest which made for cavas with enormous cellaring potential, unlike, 2008, the previous harvest, which did not meet the minimum quality and cellaring potential standards for us to make “cavas de paraje”.

Finca La Fideuera

  • Coordinates: X: 393504.17 Y: 4576758.08
  • Area: 2,61 hectares
  • Altitude: 201-220m
  • Exposure: N S-facing
  • Slope: SE-facing 2%
  • Texture: Loamy soil
  • Structure: Deep well drained soil with few stones and thick elements.
  • Fertility: Medium
  • Varietal: Xarel·lo
  • Clone: -
  • Density: 7.000Kgs/hectarea
  • Roots (depth): >200cm
  • Planted: 1993 and 1999
Origin of the artisan wine cellar Ars Collecta


An artisan cava, crafted after selecting and harvesting of the “paraje” choicest grapes. Night harvesting by hand in small trays during mid August taking advantage of the cool temperatures in order to avoid oxidation of the grapes’ aromas. The grapes were transferred on a refrigerated truck to our micro-winery where we craft this cava range: Celler Jaume. On arrival, the bunches were sorted, cooled and pressed in a pneumatic press: the must fermented in small vats at 17°C. Following fermentation, we selected the wines that would make up the final blend: the winemaking process was carried out with meticulous care because Xarel.lo wines are very tricky in that they are very prone to oxidation. La Fideuera is a cava that has aged slowly for over 90 months at a constant temperature of 14°C inside the thick walls of what was originally Codorníu’s first cellar.

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Tasting notes

Straw yellow with golden highlights and elegant delicate bubbles. Good aromatic intensity, with initial notes of Mediterranean mountain, fennel and thyme, resin, aniseed and white fruit (water pear). As it unfolds in the glass, new aromas emerge of bay leaf and white pepper. It has an intense mouthfeel with volume, structure and a good fruity-acidity balance. The mousse is delicate, creamy and vibrant. Reminiscences of aromatic herbs reappear in the aftertaste mingled with delicate toasty tones.

Cava La Fideuera by Codorníu

Food matching

This cava’s organoleptic nuances are broader than the spectrum offered by other cavas. Not only does it make for a wide range of pairings (seafood, suquet, casseroles, rockfish, mussels, seasoned meats, venison, stews, etc...) but it can also be enjoyed on its own so as to savour all its registers.

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Technical specifications

  • Origin apellation: Cava (from the Alto Penedés)
  • Variety: Xarel·lo
  • ”Paraje”: La Fideuera
  • Harvest date: Commenced August 16th
  • Tirage date: June 2010
  • Aging: Aged for over 90 months
  • Dosage: Brut


  • Alcohol content 12%
  • Total Acidity: 8 g/l
  • pH: 2.95
  • Residual sugars: 11,5 g/l

Winemaker’s recommendations:

Drink chilled (8º-11º C). If need be, chill for a couple of hours in an ice bucket with water, salt and ice. Avoid sudden chilling in the freezer.

Best store upright.

Cellaring potential: The cava will continue to age well in the bottle provided it is stored under the right conditions.

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